British Acupuncture Council hosts 14th annual research symposium

British Acupuncture Council hosts 14th annual research symposium

The British Acupuncture Council is hosting the 14th annual acupuncture research symposium on Saturday the 25th of February in Central London

Researching acupuncture

Research is an important area of study for the profession, to try and measure the effectiveness of treatment for various conditions as well as in attempting to see exactly how acupuncture works in terms of the physiology of the body.

Research on the effectiveness of acupuncture for pregnant women

Speakers include Sarah Budd who will be presenting research on the use of acupuncture in pregnancy. Acupuncture is frequently used to help relieve morning sickness. It is also a good treatment option for women who are suffering from back pain or pain around the front of the hip as pregnant women are often keen to avoid taking too much medication. Acupuncture treatment is often used to turn breech babies. In these treatments the practitioner gently warms an acupuncture point at the end of the little toe (Bladder 67) with a moxa stick. Moxa is a herb which is frequently used in acupuncture to help warm areas of the body.

Acupuncture helps trigger labour

Acupuncture is also frequently to help trigger labour and to help women give birth naturally. Pre-birth acupuncture treatments also help promote calmness and relieve stress anxiety as the due date approaches.

British Acupuncture Council’s Acupuncture Awareness week

The British Acupuncture Council is also promoting an ‘acupuncture awareness week’ from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March to help answer faq’s on acupuncture. For example surveys show that people believe acupuncture needles to be the thickness of a hypodermic needles when in fact the needles used are between 0.18 0.25 of a millimetre thick. If you have any questions about acupuncture you can phone Mark on 07798 622 788 or email him at or arrange a free 20 minute face to face chat either at Burlington Court, New Street, Birmingham or Harborne, Birmingham.

The British Acupuncture Council is the body that regulates acupuncture in the UK. Mark Butterworth is a British Acupuncture Council registered practitioner who has used acupuncture for fertility and acupuncture for pregnancy related conditions as well as for other condition since 2003. For more information visit the homepage